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Are you a responsible driver? Did you know being responsible can earn you a bonus from commercial trailer insurance cost? That’s exactly what a ‘No Claim Bonus’ does! When you renew your car insurance, you can benefit from this and not filing a claim by taking benefit of a clause termed as the ‘No Claim Bonus.’ Insurers developed this clause to incentivize and reward drivers who drive safely on the road. You will be eligible for this bonus in the next year if you do not claim any coverage for your car or yourself in the previous year for low auto insurance. Likewise, the more years you go without claims, the higher the discount you will get by insurance blog. 

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Win-Win for You

According to III, to claim bonus is a win-win situation for you as well as the insurance company. The insurer saves money since you did not make a claim for a year. Similarly, you get a reward for your safe driving. Additionally, with this bonus scheme, you can get a rough idea of what your insurance rate will be the next year. For example, suppose you own a five-year-old hatchback car. Now, let’s assume you haven’t filed an auto insurance claim in the last five years. Hence, in this scenario, you are entitled to a 45 percent discount on your insurance premium. You can also become insurance agent and become insurance producer and how to become an insurance agent from independent insurance brokerage firm

Likewise, although the discount offered by insurers is reasonably consistent, it is subject to review and adjustment. Thus, you must be careful about this before you finalize your policy renewal and get a new insurance quote. Generally, the discount scheme works like this: 

  • 20% for the second year 
  • 25% for the third year 
  • 35% for the fourth year 
  • 45 percent for the fifth year and 
  • 50% for the sixth year. 


Termination of The No Claim Bonus 

You’ll drop out from being eligible for no claim bonus for the following reasons (or other reasons as mentioned by your insurance company in Hapeville): 

  1. If you file a claim and break your record of safe, responsible driving. Therefore, the next year, you won’t get the benefits of no claim bonus. 
  2. If your policy expires, your eligibility ends immediately too. Hence, always update your auto insurance policy within the specified time period. In most cases, insurance companies in Hapeville have a 90-day time for renewing the current car insurance policy.

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