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Anyone who owns a house must regularly run maintenance works to protect their homes and keep them in good condition. If you don’t do so, your insurance company would want you to. Running regular maintenance in each season could help in avoiding structural damage to the house and keep your home’s systems in proper condition. In the spring and summer, these maintenance activities are especially necessary for houses or car insurance. The most important home maintenance problems during spring and summer are dealing with humidity and heat. Here, moisture can be constant. Hence, keeping your house dry is important for structural damage prevention from fungus, mold, and infestations. Your lowest cost boat insurance or low auto insurance would want you to run maintenance on your home in each season. Here are 3 home maintenance tips for agent directory. 

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Suggested Maintenance Tasks

1. Examine the drainage system. 

If you do not direct rainwater away from the home, it gets collected in crawl spaces. Hence, as a result, mold begins to develop on the insulation and other nearby structures. Furthermore, if the soil around the base remains moist, the retained water provides a breeding ground for termites. And as you might know, termites prefer moist soil. According to Bestplaces.net, Kenwood experiences 37 inches of snow every year, which is almost the US average (38 inches per year). Thus, your insurance company in Kenwood would want you to look outside during early summer rain and see where water is running over your land. 

If your house has areas of standing water, you can prepare for remedial action. Perhaps, you can do some landscaping work, or constructing a French drain. Likewise, also be mindful of gutter blockages. Look for overflowing gutters and sluggish or nonexistent downspout flow, which would create a blockage. Check for bent spots and if gutters have pulled away from the house drainage. Your insurance company wouldn’t mind if you adjust the brackets, hammer out any dents, and replace damaged parts. You should also know about an insurance claim, leads for insurance for insurance sales and how to become an insurance agent.


2. Keep an eye out for roof damage.

If your house is near a large tree’s drip line or if you’ve recently had a hailstorm, inspecting your roof is particularly critical. Similarly, you can use binoculars if your roof is steep or otherwise difficult to navigate. Also, check for shingles that are loose, broken, or missing, and look out for plumbing vents. Despite the fact that roofs normally last 20 years, neoprene boots used around vents only last 10 years. 

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3. Check the air conditioning system.  

Check your air conditioning to see if it’s functioning before you need it in spring. You could easily miss small leaks and damages in the conditioning system. Besides, some damages cannot be identified without expert supervision. Therefore, annual maintenance ensures the repair of all kinds of leaks and damages. Moreover, a timely checkup of the system is cost-effective and saves you from expensive repairs over time, extending the life of the equipment. 

If you maintain your house during the summer and spring seasons, your insurance company in Kenwood could acknowledge your efforts. Hence, it might even offer you some discounts on your insurance quote while policy renewal or during premium payment. 

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