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Car insurance is mandatory in Fayetteville. So, if a police officer pulls you over, you must provide evidence of insurance. To avoid conviction of not having insurance agent near me, some motorists carry forged evidence of insurance documents. Since police officers are not always able to check insurance details right away, they take advantage of it. But if you get caught for not having genuine evidence of insurance from an insurance company in Fayetteville, what are the consequences? If you don’t have genuine evidence of insurance for vacation liability RV insurance e and get caught there are consequences. Read more. 

The law considers using forged proof of low auto insurance papers as a type of fraud. Hence, there are serious consequences of having forged insurance documents. Before we get into the consequences, let’s see when you need proof of insurance. Did you know being responsible can earn you a bonus from commercial trailer insurance cost? That’s exactly what a ‘No Claim Bonus’ does! 

If you are looking for free car insurance quotes, first you need to compare them, even though your agent suggested it to you. An insurance agent will often charge a fee but willingly compare the quotes on your behalf. 

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When You Need to Provide Proof of Insurance: 

  1. While registering your car with the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV).
  2. When a police officer pulls you over.

According to III, Insurance firms consult with the DMV about the status of their clients’ insurance. If a client’s car insurance policy has expired, the insurer may notify DMV. Hence, in this case, the police may invalidate your vehicle registration. You can also contact captive agent or independent agent with insurance technology by the insurance agency.  

When an on-duty police officer pulls you over, they can ask for proof of insurance. Uninsured drivers account for one in every seven drivers in the US. Additionally, police officers can impound a car or issue a citation if the driver is without insurance. 

Penalties for Having Fake Insurance Proof 

  1. Burden of Documentation: There could a possibility that you might get caught driving without insurance even if you have insurance. Thus, in this case, you will be able to escape fines by providing evidence of insurance within 24 hours. If you cannot present the evidence of legitimate insurance from an insurance company or any other location within 24 hours, you could be subject to additional fines. 

  2. Fines: If an officer finds you driving without insurance for the first time, you could have to pay a fine ranging from $25 to $1,000.

  3. License Suspension: The police officer might revoke your license until you can provide proof of coverage.

  4. Increase in Insurance Premiums: If you drive without insurance, an insurance company will consider you as a risky driver. Therefore, insurers charge higher premiums for risky drivers when they want an insurance quote.

  5. Arrest: The police might arrest you for driving with fake proof of insurance. They might not arrest you for not having insurance, but faking one is a bigger crime. Even if they won’t arrest you on the first encounter of driving with fake insurance proof, they’ll definitely arrest you on the second or multiple accounts.

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